Taatawi: Puwvitstawi pu Tiitaptawi Hopi Lullaby and Game Songs


This CD includes 55 lullaby and Hopi game songs performed by 7 Hopi women, representing the Hopi dialects of First Mesa and Second Mesa. We honor the creative women who performed the lullaby songs that make up this compilation.


Jolene Johns – Patkiwungwa Songoopangaqö (Water Clan member from Songoopavi)

Felipita Komalestewa – Tuwawungwa Sitsom’ongaqö (Sand Clan member from Sitsom’ovi)

Nikki Lomayaktewa – Honwungwa Songoopangaqö (Bear Clan member from Songoopavi)

Abigail Pawytewa – Paaqapwungwa Walngaqö (Bamboo Clan from Walpi)

Maybelle Pele – Tuwawungwa Sitsom’ongaqö (Sand Clan member from Sitsom’ovi)

Susie Poleahla – Aaswungwa Sitsom’ongaqö (Mustard Clan member from Sitsom’ovi)

Anita Poleahla – Aaswungwa Sitsom’ongaqö (Mustard Clan member from Sitsom’ovi)

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This CD was made possible in part by a generous grant from the American Composers Forum-Common Ground grant program. Common Ground offered Hopi women the opportunity to participate in a collaborative effort to professional record traditional and contemporary Hopi songs. These 7 Hopi performers are inspired to continue using their skills to record songs that help perpetuate the Hopi language. Hopi songs are teaching tools and easily modified to fit the situation. Common Ground has given us the opportunity to preserve the songs and begin to produce material for teaching our language. It has opened the doors for sharing, an elaboration on traditional teachings. This allows us to revisit the childhood of our elders. Eskwelí, thank you for your support.

When you order, you will receive the CD with the songbook of Hopi and English lyrics.  This CD includes 55 songs:

  1. B-I-N-G-O
  2. Heveveta Pew’i–Rain Come Here
  3. Hiisayhoya Kookyangwu–Little Spider
  4. Hohoyaw’u–Stinkbug
  5. Hohoyaw’u Nukpana–Mean Stinkbug
  6. Honhoya–Little Bear
  7. Hotsok Wuuti–Small Owl Woman
  8. Höwi – Mouring Dove
  9. Iisawu Puuyaltini – Coyote Will Fly
  10. Iisawu; Paaísawu – Coyote: Water Coyote
  11. Imöyhoyamu – My Little Grandchildren
  12. Inaá Pas As Itangu – My Father, Our Own Mother
  13. Ipokhoya – My Little Dog
  14. Itanguy Kiiáta – Our Mother’s House
  15. Itoko – My Body
  16. Itsamiyu – My Deadfall Trap
  17. Koko Wuuti – Burrowing Owl Woman
  18. Kookyangwhoya – Little Spider
  19. Lölöqangw Tsönmomoki – Hungry Hungry Bullsnake
  20. Lölöqangwtu Ngasta Höömi’yta – Bullsnakes have no hair
  21. Maahu Leelena – Cicada Playing Music
  22. Maamantuy Suspaltawi’am – Girls Soliciting Song
  23. Momohoya – Little Bumblebee
  24. Momoyamu – Women
  25. Mongwu Kotorit Amum – Horned Owl with Screech Owl
  26. Mongwu Mongwupsöngaqö – Great Horned Owl from the Hopi of the Owls
  27. Mongwu: Tookivi Nu’u Mongwu – Owl, Last Night, I the Owl
  28. Mooro Tawlawngu – The Donkey is Singing
  29. Moos Moos Ngaytila – the Cat is a Thief
  30. Murususuwi – Spinning Around
  31. Pakwt Hopi Tsaatsayhoyam – Ten Little Hopi Children
  32. Pew’i Manawya – Come Here Little Girl
  33. Pi Kur Pas Antsa – Is it Really True
  34. Qalatötö – Ngasta Höömi’yta – Sand Cricket Has no Hair
  35. Qalatötö – Sand Cricket
  36. Sen Um Puuwi – Are You Asleep
  37. Siwa Kanelhoya’yta – Little Sister Has A Little Lamb
  38. Soámu Kwa’amu – Their Grandmother Their Grandfather
  39. So’yoko – Ogre Woman
  40. So’yokmanawya Pik’am Ngumanta – Ogre Girl is Grinding to make pudding
  41. So’yokmanawya Pik’am Yuyuwsi – Ogre Girl is Getting Dressed to make pudding
  42. Somiviki – A tamale-like Food
  43. Soohoya – Little Star
  44. Suspaltawi – Soliciting Song
  45. Talikta Talikta Soohoya – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  46. Tingayso Tingayso – Little Turtle Cry
  47. Tuma Naa’o’oya – Let’s Tell The Truth
  48. Tutsvo Tutsvo – Wren Wren
  49. Tuuqayyungwa’a Huvamu – Listen You All
  50. Waa Waa Ooo Ooo – Barking
  51. Wiyasoko – Buzzard
  52. Yongyaya Tuvamawto – Squirrel Went  Pinon Picking
  53. Yan Um Naawakna – This Is Your Desire
  54. Yook Yook Yookvani – Rain, Rain It Will Rain
  55. Yöngösona – Little Turtle


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