Piklawu: Making Piiki


Iwa tutuqaypi Hopinösiwqat yu’a’ata. It pay hisat haqaq Hopi noovalawu. Piiki pam tsapöngalanghoya ngumnit angqw yukiwta kyangw tumat ep kwasiniwta. Itam piikit akw itaa Hopilavayiy tuwi’yvayani. Nu’ mooti piw hiisa’ lavayvenpit ang tungwanmani. Put angk pu’ wuuti maanay piktutuwna.

This lesson is about a Hopi food that has been prepared for thousands of years. Piiki is a paper-thin flatbread made from corn flour and cooked on a hot stone. With piiki, we learn about the Hopi language. These lessons introduce more vowel sounds, pronouns, vocabulary and a practice dialogue about a young Hopi girl who learns to make piiki.


Produced in 2013,Piklawu: Making Piiki comes with an audio recording and booklet that teach the Hopi language by introducing Hopi knowledge about piiki, a very important Hopi food. Also presented are Hopi language concepts such as how to use and pronounce letter combinations. The listener learns the basics of pronoun usage while also learning how to form simple sentences and pronounce many Hopi words and phrases. The audio recording features Hopi speakers from several villages, which allows the listener to compare how words and intonation vary with different speakers. 70 minutes. Spoken by Tawahongsi, Tsorwungqa, Kishaynöm, Rosalie Kaye




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