Learning Through Hopi Songs


This music CD is the first in a series of four music CDs produced by Mesa Media. Composer Ferrell Secakuku and educator Anita Poleahla join their expertise to bring songs that teach Hopilavayi using Hopi concepts. These songs are ideal for young Hopi children, especially ages 1-10. Teachers and parents use these songs in preschool and elementary classrooms. We sing and we dance while learning Hopilavayi.

Since the first release of this CD in 2005, many young people have been inspired by these songs and have utilized them for talent contests at Hopi. Young people increase their knowledge of the language and cultural traditions each time they listen, dance and sing.

Ferrell was an especially talented composer. He knew the basic roles of each clan and was able to incorporate this knowledge into his songs. For example, Tsakwayna sings about discipline. Corn clan sings about being happy. He wanted to share the beauty of the Hopi language with everyone. We dedicate this work to Ferrell Secakuku.

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When you order, you will receive the CD with the songbook of Hopi and English lyrics.  Songs on this CD include:

  1. Nu’Kuwansivut aqw Morokinta (I’m Dipping into the Paint Can)
    *** to view lyrics to this song, click on song title***
  2. Tanal Pa’pa (Grandpa Donald)
  3. Paakwa (Frog)
  4. Nu’Wunimangwu (I Dance)
  5. Nu’Kuwansivut aqw Morokinta (I’m Dipping into the Paint Can) #2
  6. Tiyo’ya (Little Boy)
  7. Nu’Wuuyoktiqe’e (I’ve Grown Up)
  8. Maaktuwanlawu (Preparing for a Hunt)


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