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Peter Bungart highlights our new Hopi language game app for participants at the First Annual Intergenerational Pottery Festival, April 2017. Photo by Valerie Martin.

Our language is everything.
It connects us to our ancestors.

Tsangaw nu’ Hopiituqayta. Paypi pan hakimuy aw amumi, itaa wuuwuyoqam, itaaso yu’a’atangwu qe’ ura pangqawu, qe’ um hisat uuhopilavayiy suutokni. So’on hak put hisat suutoki, lavayiy’i. Panwisa pu’ itam. Qa navoti’yyungwa itam, yu’a’atotaniqe. Itam qa amumi pan yu’a’atotangwu niiqe panniqw oovi’i. Pay hak hiisay niqw senpi  5 or 6 niqw hakiy a pangqawangwu, um pam’i, pam itaa naatoyla.

I appreciate knowing Hopi. That is the way our elders, our grandmother would speak and remind us, “Don’t ever forget your Hopi language.” One cannot forget it, their language. That is our life now. We don’t know how to speak. We don’t speak to them [our children] this way. That is why, when you are maybe 5 or 6, they tell you, “this is our identity.”      –Harlan Nakala, Lenwungwa, Flute Clan, Waalpi